Research Direction

Corporate Profile

Resource survey

Periphery of existing mines with mining right crisis and deep prospecting;

Re-study on metallogenic mechanism based on engineering verification:

Research on metallogenic mechanism after underground iron ore revealing and research on metallogenic mechanism of low grade copper ores;

Survey of resources with acquired or integrated mining rights, demonstration and research;

Dynamic study on exploration technology


Mining technology

Governance of mined-out areas:

Governance of underground mined-out areas, research on deep mining and filling;

Monitoring, warning and governance of high and steep slopes:

Governance of high and steep slopes in open pit mines;

Research on deep-well mining technology:

Safe and efficient mining under “three highs” hazards in underground mines, research on safe and efficient mining process of deep mines;

Research on open pit mining process:

Automatic punch technology, optimization of crushing and grinding system, unmanned shovel loading and driving technology


Beneficiation technology

Research on high-quality concentrates:

Quality improvement and impurities removal of concentrates and pyrite cinder, production process of high-quality sulfur concentrates;

Exploration of precious metal recovery technology:

Research on copper separation and precious metal recovery;

Identification technology of high-purity quartz and feldspar:

Research on recovery of quartz and feldspar from tailings;

Research on recovery of vanadium and titanium ores:

Research on recovery technology of ultra-poor vanadium-titanium minerals and green and efficient vanadium extraction process from stone coal;

Exploration of comprehensive recovery technology of three rare elements:

Exploration of recovery technology of rubidium and rare earth minerals, exploration of scandium extraction from tailings, gallium recovery from tailings and rare earth technology;

Exploration technology of separation technology for complex copper-sulfur-lead-zinc ores difficult for separation:

Exploration of separation technology for copper, sulfur, lead and zinc


Metallurgical technology

Comprehensive development research:

Research on comprehensive development and utilization of serpentinite ore;

Collaborative research on dust removal in iron and steel smelting:

Exploration of extraction process of “three rare” minerals and precious metals in the dust removal


Intelligence of mines

Open pit intelligent technology:

5G communication technology for mines, intelligent coordination system, automatic punch, unmanned shovel loading and driving technology;

Underground intelligent technology:

5G communication technology for mines, automatic rock drilling technology, automatic ore handling technology, electric locomotive’s automatic driving technology, intelligent ventilation, intelligent water supply and drainage, intelligent power supply technology;

Information and digital technology of mines:

Research on BIM technology, UAV application, intelligent scheduling system for mines, automation, information and digitization construction and application for mines, research on UAV application technology


Research on building materials and fine-particle mineral powder

Research on process technology of aggregates:

Process research on ready-mixed mortar, fine aggregates, aggregates for special concrete, and aggregates with a high value-added;

Research on functional products:

Ready-mixed mortar, dried sand, ground materials (water-permeable bricks, under layers, sands for water stability), special sands (cat litter, artificial beach sands, sands for urban beautification, colored sands, etc.), fabricated building components, etc.;

Aggregate-based concrete material development and research: building materials, road and bridge materials, foundation pile materials, water conservancy materials, concrete admixture or additive;

Process technology research:

Fine grinding, sorting, dehydration, drying, pyrogenic process, wet molding process, etc.;

Product development and research:

Development of wall materials (partition board and aerated brick), development of thermal insulation materials (foam ceramic board and ceramic particle), development of finish materials (ceramic tile, inorganic board, tile, composite materials, paint), development of ground materials (ceramic tiles, inorganic board, binder, etc.), development of waste water treatment materials, waste gas treatment materials, heavy metal treatment materials, oil fracturing proppant, oil lightening admixture, and other functional materials (waterproofing, sound insulation, fire proofing, light-weight and handicraft materials, etc.)


Energy development and utilization

Energy utilization:

Research on efficient utilization of conventional energies in the company such as electric power, natural gas, fuel coal, hydraulic power, chemical energy of explosives, etc.;

New energy development and research:

Mainly including thermal energy development based on water-source heat, air heat and terrestrial heat, development of solar energy, wind energy, and potential development with the slope height differences, etc.


Research on mineral fertilizers

Soil improvement research:

Information collection and research on national soil fertility conditions; research on soil improvement based on the characteristics of mineral elements, etc.;

Fertilizer development and research:

Mineral fertilizer development and research based on phosphorus-iron tailings, mineral fertilizer development and research based on molybdenum tailings, research on slow release fertilizer based on hollow microsphere technology;

Research on the action mechanism of mineral elements on plants:

Research on indispensable elements, research on irreplaceable elements, research on functional elements;

Research on mineral elements and human health:

The action of various minerals on growth, health and harm to human body.


Safety and environment research

Mine safety technology:

Research on geological disaster monitoring and warning and governance technology, underground dust removal and ventilation technology, fine-particle tailing dam building and safety and stability technology, safe discharge and governance technology for refuse dump, high stress, high temperature and high pressure water hazard control technology for deep mines, safety management information system

Research on governance of mine environment:

Research on greening technology for high and steep slopes, ecological recovery of open pits, refuse dumps and tailing ponds and high-value development and utilization of idle land resource, research on dust control process for mines


Research on mining equipment

Research on introduction and application of intelligent, unmanned and digital equipment in mines