Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Philosophy

I. Core Values of Safety

The safety and health of employees are the most important

II. Safety Philosophy


People oriented, safety first


Risks controllable, hazards eliminable, accidents preventable

Code of Conduct

Leading the correction of errors, self-disciplined and self-controlled


The management at each level shall assume immediate responsibility for their own safety


Poor training is the biggest safety hazard


Always act according to rules and regulations


The direct involvement of employees is critical

Family Affection

Anyone’s safety is vital to happiness of their family


Safety Vision

To create a substantially safe enterprise and establish an industrial safety benchmark


Safety Mission

To create a safe environment and a wonderful homeland


Safety Goal

Zero harms and accidents

Safety Management

By means of scientific innovation, safety and environment protection, compliance and intelligent construction, Huaxia Jianlong has established the “60600” safety and environment protection goals in order to eliminate unsafe factors, control safety risks and avoid production safety accidents.










Improving the safety management organizational system

Huaxia Jianlong has established a production safety management committee, included persons in charge of each subsidiary and functional department and each outsourced construction unit into the safety management committee to establish a safety and environment protection department, which is responsible for offering guidance according to related mine safety policies of the nation, coordinating internal and external resources, promoting advanced safety facilities and equipment and technologies, supervising and inspecting the safety risk measures implemented by each subsidiary. The Company is staffed with 77 safety management staff, including 17 certified safety engineers.

Building a safety culture control system

It strives to promote safety culture projects, launches the construction of two life-saving projects, namely life-saving terms and zero-harm terms, safety alert zone and three safety zones, and promotes the development of behavior safety culture and material safety culture “oriented around people and materials”. The staff at each level have improved in such aspects as safety management concept and awareness, on-site operation environment, as a complete and advanced safety culture control system is being developed gradually.

Subsidiaries of the Company such as Baotong Mining, Kuancheng Jianlong, Fengning Xinyuan and Luanping Jianlong won the honorary title of “Demonstration Enterprise for Safety Culture Development in Hebei”.

Establishing hierarchical risk control and potential risk identification and governance system

Following the construction guiding ideas of one plant with multiple points, one point with multiple sources, one source with multiple risks, one risk with multiple factors, taking measures according to factors, Huaxia Jianlong confirms the safety risk points, involving all employees to fully identify the sources of risks, evaluate and grade the safety risks, develop hierarchical safety risk control measures, establish a list of safety risk control, create the four-colored distribution map of safety risks and the distribution map of major safety risks. It implements the announcement of major safety risks, establishes a list of potential risk identification and a record of potential safety governance, and develops a plan for the major safety risk governance.

Establishing an information-based platform for safety management and strengthening the management of outsourced units

Mining enterprises such as Huaxia Jianlong have established an information-based platform for safety management to identify a total of 14,573 safety risk points, realize online application of potential safety risk identification and governance, review and approval of hazardous operation, safety education and training, and build an intelligent safety management and control system. Meanwhile, outsourced units have been included into the mining enterprise’s safety management system, adopting unified management such as unified deployment, unified training, unified inspection, unified review and approval and unified reward and punishment.

Regularly launching safety management activities in various dimensions and forms

Huaxia Jianlong attaches importance to the construction of professional safety and environment protection line, regularly organizes different forms of activities and exchanges to enhance the professional line team’s ability and quality, expand their safety and environment protection knowledge structure and improve external coordination ability, including construction of professional line departments and offices, professional safety education and training, Production Safety Month and safety research program.