Chairman's column


Yuan Zhanyong


Yuan Zhanyong, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, graduated from Hebei Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (now North China University of Science and Technology) in July 1988 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mining Engineering. He currently serves as the Vice President of Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., and the Chairman of Beijing Huaxia Jianlong Mining Technology Co., Ltd. He is also the Vice Chairman of China Mining Association, the Vice Chairman of Metallurgical Mines’ Association of China, the Vice Chairman of National Mineral Resources and Materials Application Innovation Union, and the Vice Director of the First Committee of Sieving Technology Committee of China Mining Association.

Working experience

After graduating in July 1988, he successively served as assistant mine manager, mine manager and Party secretary with the Silver-Lead Mining of Chengde County Mining Bureau and the Beidaling Iron Mining of Kuancheng County.

In August 1997, he concurrently served as General Manager of Sincerity Steel and Cement Co., Ltd. In October 1998, he concurrently served as manager of Douzigou Iron Mine.

In October 2022, he joined Jianlong Group and prepared the establishment of Jianlong Mining.

In September 2003, he founded Beijing Huaxia Jianlong Mining Science&Technology Co., Ltd., and established a complete mining corporation engaged in reconnaissance, technology research, development and design, resource development, and product sales. He served as Chairman and General Manager.

In February 2006, he served as Vice President of Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group.


In 2019, he was awarded the title of "Chinese Pioneer of Green Development in Sand and Gravel Aggregate Industry";
In December 2021, he won the First Prize of "Hebei Province Construction Industry Science and Technology Progress Award"; 
In July 2022, he won the First Prize of "Technology Innovation" by Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau for his R&D Project of Key Technology for the Application of Low Carbon Cementitious Materials Prepared by Combining Large Dosage of Mineral and Metallurgical Solid Waste;
In September 2022, he won the "Science and Technology Achievement Award" of Hebei Province for his Key Technology and Industrialization Application of Joint Production of Sand and Stone from Iron Ore Mining and Processing;In December 2022, he won the Second Prize of "Construction Material Innovation" for his Key Technology and Industrialization of High Value-added Utilization of Iron Tailings Sand and other awards.

Scientific payoffs

Huaxia Jianlong has adopted innovative technology to innovate the development and utilization of vanadium-titanium ultra-poor magnetite in Chengde; used modernized exploitation technology and deep prospecting theory to discover Sishanling iron mine at Benxi of Liaoning, with an identified resource reserve of 2.484 billion tons, winning the Award of “Top 10 Geological Mineral Search Achievements”.

In 2006, Huaxia Jianlong became the Chairman Unit of China Mining Federation. In 2022, Mr. Yuan Zhanyong served as Vice President of China Mining Federation. Mr. Yuan Zhanyong advocated the construction of green mines. So far, Huaxia Jianlong has owned four national green mines and three provincial green mines. Sishanling iron mine was developed and constructed with the filling method, which filled the domestic gap of large-scale green development of deep metal mines and became a supporting mine for exploration and development of technological specifications for large-scale ultra-deep shaft metal mines and a leader of deep green mines in China. Sishanling iron mine, after its completion, will become the largest green, modernized mine below 1,000 meters in China. It will open a new trail for the green development of deep resources in China.