Environment and Ecology

Following the concept of “developing a resource and fostering a new resource”, Huaxia Jianlong practises standardized management and pursues scientific and intensive development under the guidance of mine ecological environment. “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Huaxia Jianlong has insisted on pursuing green and harmonious development by developing a mine, choosing the landscape and building a livable town.

Our goals


“Scientific Innovation and Green Development”

Development concepts rooted in Huaxia Jianlong. Open pit mines: Electronic detonator technology and water pressure blasting technology are adopted. Mining, governance and greening go on at once at the open pit mining platform and slope. Underground mines: Adopt advanced and efficient basal pillar-free high sub-level mining method, mechanized shovel loading operation, filling treatment of mined out areas and six safety systems for mines to realize automation. Its mining mechanization, automation and intelligence keep growing, and its beneficiation technology and comprehensive utilization keep improving.


“Striving for the First, Starting from Scratch”

The corporate spirit has proven each step in the green development of Huaxia Jianlong. Despite poor ores, the resource value is not poor. Huaxia Jianlong has been devoted to efficient comprehensive utilization of resources and taken the initiative to realize separation of phosphorus from iron tailings and separation of copper from phosphorus, copper and molybdenum tailings and produced imitated stone slabs, calcium silicate boards and microcrystalline foam ceramic boards with aggregate tailings, so the comprehensive utilization rate of tailings keeps growing.

Data presentation


Greening area


earth covering area

1.987 million plants



grass growing

12.15 km

hardened roads


Subsidiaries of Huaxia Jianlong such as Hebei Fanshan Phosphorite Co., Ltd., Kuancheng Jianlong Mining Co., Ltd., Chengde Jianlong Mining Co., Ltd., Baotong Mining Co., Ltd., Luanping Jianlong Co., Ltd., and Fengning Xinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. were all listed among green mines of the nation. Abag Banner Jindi Mining Co., Ltd. and Sonid Right Banner Zhurihe Copper Industry Co., Ltd., were rated as green mines of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.