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Action against the Flood | Frontline Documentary of Fanshan Phosphate Mine Rescuing People from the Flood


Affected by Typhoon Doksuri, many places in Hebei Province suffered persistent heavy rainfall from July 30 to August 1, in which Zhangjiakou Fanshan Phosphate Mine, a shareholding company of Huaxia Jianlong, was affected by the rise of water level of the Dongling River, being threatened by the risk of intensified waterlogging. The flood control situation was rather severe. We are obligated to help relieve the disaster. In the face of extreme flood situation, Hebei Fanshan Phosphate Mine Co., Ltd. quickly responded to the situation and set up a flood control group, which went all out to rescue people from the flood. It was not until August 8 that the flood discharge channel embankments were all reinforced, all the flood water in the subsidence area was discharged and backfilled to the subsidence area of the collapsed pits, and the old canal desilting and reinforcement work were completed. We began to organize the resumption of work and production.

On the evening of July 31, in the face of the severe flood, the leadership of Fanshan Phosphate Mine held an emergency meeting to arrange and deploy work to control the flood. After the meeting, they first developed a flood control plan, set up a flood control group with Xie Shuqian, Chairman of Huaxia Jianlong Supervisory Board, as the leader of the group, and more than 40 backbone employees were divided into five flood control teams, who orderly and fully engaged in the flood rescue, surface monitoring, underground monitoring, power supply, logistics and other work in accordance with the labor division. Xie Shuqian, Chairman of the Huaxia Jianlong Supervisory Board, Zhao Peng, Chairman of Fanshan Phosphate Mine, and Ma Xiaobo, General Manager of Fanshan Phosphate Mine, commanded on the spot, and solved the difficult problems encountered in the process of anti-flood rescue in a timely manner.

At 23:00 on July 31, the company arranged overnight more than 50 employees to set up an emergency rescue team as instructed by the emergency plan, which filled sandbags and built the dam.

At 7:00 on August 1, a total of 22 water pumps were procured or borrowed from other units to discharge the water; At the same time, 5 large excavators deployed from the surrounding areas were used for channel cleaning and backfilling and reinforcement of canal dams; The road maintenance team in the mining area urgently mobilized large vehicles and personnel to participate in the repair of the only road leading to the mining area. After two days and nights of hard work, the bridge outside the mining area was saved, ensuring the smooth progress of flood control and rescue work; The electricity protection team dispatched electrical personnel from the entire mine to urgently connect over 600 meters of cables to provide power and lighting for emergency rescue work; The personnel of the logistics support team not only timely ensure the availability of various emergency supplies, but also ensure that meals, drinking water, heatstroke prevention drugs, etc are available to all emergency personnel, providing vigorous support for flood control and emergency response.

The members of the flood control team worked hard at the front line day and night for many consecutive days, who paid close attention to the rain and flood situation. At the same time, in areas prone to waterlogging, they carried out investigations, dredged drainage outlets, swept waterlogged roads and removed debris, and cleared blocked roads. The teams cooperated with each other to ensure emergency disposal work and help flood control and disaster reduction.
In order to ensure quick arrival of the rescue equipment and personnel, Mr. Xie personally commanded and supervised the action, coordinating team members to complete road construction and piping of the channel. After nearly 8 hours of hard work of more than 50 team members, a temporary road was built, winning valuable time for the continued rescue.

On August 9, Li Jinqian, General Manager of Huaxia Jianlong, and his companions, investigated and guided the work and hosted a forum in Fanshan Phosphate Mine, where Ma Xiaobo, General Manager of Fanshan Phosphate Mine, reported and summed up the experience of the anti-flood rescue and the next specific measures to improve production and efficiency. Mr. Li said, in the face of a serious flood that occurred only once in 140 years, the leadership team of Fanshan Phosphate Mine stayed calm in the face of danger, which decisively led the cadres and workers in the front line of the flood, and achieved zero casualties and less property loss. It is the demonstration of decades of corporate culture precipitation of Fanshan Phosphate Mine and cohesion of a number of strong execution of the backbones, and safety management work in advance, plan rehearsal, and early warning.