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Jianlong Group Logistics Optimization Committee 2023 Second Quarter Working Meeting and Fifth Regular Meeting of Logistics Professionals Held in Huaxia Jianlong


On July 21, the Logistics Optimization Committee of Jianlong Group held the second quarter working meeting of 2023 and the fifth regular meeting of logistics professionals in Huaxia Jianlong. Nearly 60 persons attended the meeting, including Zhang Yucai, Vice President of Jianlong Group and Director of Logistics Optimization Committee, Zhang Baodong, Executive Deputy General Manager of Lvliang Jianlong and Deputy Director of Logistics Optimization Committee, Yang Anding, Director of Logistics and Head of Logistics Department of Jianlong Group and Office Director of Logistics Optimization Committee, as well as leaders of each professional group, heads of logistics of subsidiaries and relevant professionals.

At the meeting, the management first commended the outstanding groups and individuals for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in logistics in the first half of the year, and after the commendation ceremony, the committee, professional groups and subsidiaries reported on the completion of the work. The management introduced the progress of the completion of the logistics efficiency project and the group's benchmarking of the bottom fee from January to June in 2023 and interpreted the "new energy and clean transportation project bidding management method (trial)". Moreover, the group's Logistics Department shared experience in the expertise of railroad freight transport and Inner Mongolia Jianlong shared experience on the optimization of management and control modes, and the reduction of the internal logistics cost respectively.

Zhang Baodong fully affirmed the goals of the committee, professional groups, and subsidiaries of overcoming difficulties and achieved efficiency in the first half of the year. At the same time, he systematically proposed specific requirements such aspects as rail transport, vehicle transport, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and synergies. He proposed to further strengthen the communication and synergy between steel mills and logistics enterprises, change the way of thinking, adopt multimodal transportation, combined trucks and other ways of generating efficiency to achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency; At the same time, pay close attention to the two key indicators of "increasing the ratio of two-way logistics" and "75% undertaken by us" to ensure attainment of the year's logistics efficiency goals.

Zhang Yucai fully affirmed Huaxia Jianlong as the first mining subsidiary participating in the matchmaking, and deployed the logistics work of each mining subsidiary in the next step. Meanwhile, he emphasized that all subsidiaries should guarantee the completion of the agreed volume after the introduction of the freight rate cutting policy for railroad transport, and plan the ratio of vehicle-rail transportation for the whole year in advance, so as to ensure the continuity of the policy. He also proposed that all subsidiaries should attach great importance to improving the turnover efficiency of hot metal tanks and reducing the temperature, which will be included in the Logistics Optimization Committee's internal logistics group project, and that all subsidiaries should study how to increase the molten iron input temperature, strengthen the communication of relevant technicians and operators, and thoroughly study the mechanism behind, so as to realize the reduction of costs and increase of efficiency. At present, the logistics industry has been upgraded to the strategic height of one of the group's four related industries. We should make concerted efforts to jointly promote the real realization of the reduction of unit logistics costs.