Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2020

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With Regard To This Report

Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. 2020 Sustainable Development Report adheres to the concept of "harmony between enterprise interests and employee interests, harmony between enterprise development and employee development, harmony between enterprise progress and social responsibili-ty", and actively demonstrates Jianlong's actions and achievements to all sectors of society in value creation, safety and health, environmental protection, employee growth, win-win cooperation, social harmony, etc., and strives to disclose the company's sustainable development practices and achieve-ments to the society and stakeholders in a detailed and objective manner, enhances trust and coopera-tion with stakeholders, and achieves win-win development with stakeholders.

Time range

From January 1 to December 31, 2020, some contents can be traced back to the important years of the company's development.

Release cycle

The company's sustainable development report is an annual report, and this report is the third sustain-able development report released after 2019.

Scope of report

Headquarters of Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd and its main holding subsidiaries. Combined with the business attributes of subsidiaries, the boundaries and scope of content disclosure are slightly different, and explanations are defined at corresponding positions in the report.

Description of title

For convenience of presentation and reading, "Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd." is also expressed as "Jianlong" and "we" in this report.

Reference standard

The report was prepared according to the core program of the Global Reporting Initiative Report Guide for Sustainable Development (G4). Meanwhile, the report preparation process also referred to the inter-national standards of ISO 26000: 2 010 Social Responsibility Guide and the national standards of GB/T 36000-2015 Social Responsibility Guide.

Data description

All the information and data cited in this report come from the official documents, statistical reports and financial reports of the company, as well as the information of various functional departments and business units counted, summarized and audited by the company's information system.

Request for report

You can browse the PDF file of this report and the information of our social responsibility in the "Social Responsibility" section of Jianlong website homepage. Website:

Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2020

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