Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2018

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Introduction of the Report

Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jianlong"“The Company" orWe") takes the initiative to report to the publicon the status ofour sustainable development, so that the wholecommunity can know and monitor the sustainability work of Jianlong. Since 2018, Jianlong has released asustainable development report to the society every year to announce its sustainable development conceptand practice, so as to promote the understanding, communication and interaction with stakeholders and thepublic, and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.


The organizational scope of this report covers all entities over which the Company has right of control orsignifcant influence over its financial and operational policies and measures, andis consistent with the scopecovered in the Company's annual report. Unless otherwise stated, this report describes the global economicenvironmental and social operations of jianlongs headquarters and all its branches during the reportingperiod (from January l, 2018 to December 3l, 2018) using data from Jianlong's offcial documents andstatistical reports.


This report is written on the basis ofthe core ofGR1S Tandards bythe Global Reporting lnitiative(GRI).Thereport will be released in print and electronic form in August 2019 as an independent sustainable development report, Ifviewing online or downloading the report is needed for you, please visit www.ejianlong.comIfyou have any suggestions or comments on this report, please contact Jianlong through the following ways:


Tel: 010-83627328


Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2018

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