Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2022

发布时间: 2023-08-02 08:49:58.422

This report is the fifth annual sustainable development report released by Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group 
Co., Ltd.
This Report adheres to the concept of "harmony between enterprise interests and employee interests, between 
enterprise development and employee development, and between enterprise progress and social responsibility", 
and takes the initiative to show Jianlong's actions and performance in value creation, green and low carbon, 
technological innovation, safety production, employee development, win-win cooperation, social harmony, etc. to 
all sectors of the society, strives to be detailed and objectively show the practice and performance of the company's 
sustainable development to the society and stakeholders, so that the whole society can understand and supervise 
Jianlong's sustainable development work, promote understanding, communication and cooperation between 
Jianlong and stakeholders as well as the public, and achieve win-win development with stakeholders.
Time Range
Jan 1 2022 - Dec 31 2022. Some contents can be traced back to important years in the development of the company.
Release Cycle
The company's sustainable development report serves as an annual report. The last report was released in May 

Jianlong’s Sustainable Development Report for 2022

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