Equipment Engineer

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Minimum Education:

undergraduate course

Recruiting Numbers:


Experience requirements:

over 10 years

Working Area:

FengTai District

  Job descriptions: 

1、Responsible for improving the Company’s equipment management system and standard and promoting the Company’s equipment management standardization system.

2、Responsible for feasibility study, design optimization and equipment model review for new, reconstruction and expansion projects of subsidiaries.

3、Responsible for reviewing the equipment and spare parts plans of each subsidiary, and promoting new materials, new equipment and new technologies.

4、Responsible for reviewing the equipment update, transformation, maintenance and scrapping plans of subsidiaries, revitalizing and disposing of idle assets.

5、Responsible for use and maintenance management of equipment under operation, configuration of protective facilities, analysis and handling of equipment failures and accidents.

6、Responsible for various inspections, reviews, appraisal, summary and statements of equipment management, and organizing equipment sessions.

  Job requirements: 

1、With an education background of bachelor's degree or above, mechanical engineering and related majors;

2、With more than five years of equipment management experience. Those with mining equipment management experience will be preferred;

3、Familiar with the mechanical principles, mechanical performance and maintenance of grinding and sorting equipment for mines, mining equipment and underground shovel loading and transport equipment.

4、Familiar with mechanics of materials and the use of CAD charts, being able to guide the processing of accessories and installation of equipment according to processing drawings and equipment installation drawings.

Recruitment phone number:010—51103317


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